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CGA is known as the premier design consultant for vibration and noise control in high tech production and research facilities. Our reputation is based on our experience designing successful fab projects, breaking ground with innovative engineering designs, and directly participating in the development of industry standards.

We have provided design, measurement and problem-solving services on several hundred microelectronics facilities involved in microchip fabrication. These include Wafer Fabrication, PCB, Assembly, and Crystal Growing. We are well acquainted with the unique design requirements for vibration and noise control in LCD TFT fabs, including several recent projects with the latest Generation facilities. Our work includes designs to meet the specific vibration requirements of steppers, array testers, laser cutter and repair tools, probe stations, and inspection equipment, as well as the control of vibration from typical sources within LCD TFT facilities, such as mechanical equipment, personnel, AGVs, and RGVs. We provide careful, calculated, and experienced design input to meet the facility requirements in a cost-effective manner.

As the structures for the latest generation fabs have migrated toward larger bay sizes and stacked fabs, we ensure that these new, innovative designs provide the required vibration environment. Alongside a variety of design teams, we’ve designed fabs meeting vibration criteria as stringent as VC-E. And the research and failure analysis labs associated with these fabs are meeting criteria of NIST-A or better. As equipment sizes and liquid and gas quantities have increased to service these new fabs, we have responded to the demand for practical and cost-conscious designs to control their vibration impacts.

Our company was developed with the aggressive pacing required to bring critical production facilities on-line, and we will provide the work capacity necessary to complete projects in a timely manner, and with a high degree of attention to engineering detail.

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Foundation and Structural Design for Vibration Control
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Mechanical and Process Vibration and Noise Control
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Vibration and Noise Measurements and Monitoring
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Construction Observations
CGA has worked with all major manufacturers in the semiconductor, LCD/TFT, and other high-tech industries, however the nature of this industry means that specific past projects and clients cannot be identified.