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We at Colin Gordon Associates have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to address any noise, vibration, or acoustical challenge. Our focus is to provide attentive, individualized service to architects, engineers, building owners, facilities managers, developers, and end-users. We pride ourselves in our ability to analyze complex acoustical and vibration issues and translate that analysis into understandable, coordinated, and cost-effective solutions. Our staff are routinely involved in the research and development of vibration and noise control solutions and techniques, as our company philosophy emphasizes innovative designs for efficiency and design costs savings.  

We create quiet, stable spaces all around the world. 

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Michael Gendreau, INCE. Bd. Cert.

Michael Gendreau has been with CGA since June 1993 in the position of Senior Consultant for most of this time and President since 2004. He is experienced in all aspects of CGA’s suite of services. In addition to his technical work, Michael Gendreau is the primary project manager at CGA. His research interests include infrasound (low-frequency sound), computer modeling, acoustics and vibration control for imaging spaces, wind-induced vibration, and acoustics for healthcare facilities.

Hal Amick, Ph.D, P.E.

Hal Amick has been with CGA since 1996 and concentrates on problems related to structural and soil dynamics, rail and transportation vibrations, mechanical vibrations, and community or workplace vibrations. He is experienced in signals processing, finite element modeling and many aspects of structural and soil dynamics. Hal has worked extensively in the design of low vibration environments for advanced technology facilities. His research interests include vibration criteria, damping properties of concrete, and the dynamic behavior of floors.

Steven Lank, LEED AP

Steven Lank joined CGA in the spring of 2010. His consulting activities at CGA have focused upon vibration and noise measurements for high-technology facilities, structural analysis and evaluation, finite element modeling, construction vibration monitoring, HVAC noise analysis, and environmental noise modeling. He also oversees CGA's efforts in sustainable design, including LEED certification. Prior to joining Colin Gordon Associates, Steve worked as a structural designer of roof and floor systems in residential and light commercial construction projects, and as a Project Engineer on Health Sciences construction projects. His undergraduate thesis at the University of Virginia dealt with frequency analysis of guitar woods for the purpose of characterizing sound.

Stephen Jaeger, P.E.

Stephen Jaeger has worked for CGA since 2003. He has over 30 years of experience in acoustics research, vibration/noise control, and measurements. Prior to joining CGA, Stephen worked for 15 years as an aerospace engineer for Dowty Aerospace Goucester, McDonnell Douglas, AerospaceComputing, and the NASA Ames Research Center. During his NASA tenure, he conducted research on jet engine and airframe noise, and consulted on the acoustical design of wind tunnels and advanced data acquisition techniques. At CGA, Stephen’s tasks are focused on acoustical design, noise control, vibration control, and environmental acoustics for high-technology facilities such as semiconductor fabs, university research laboratories, and healthcare facilities.

Nat Wongprasert,
Ph. D.

Nat Wongprasert has been with Colin Gordon and Associates as a consultant primarily working in the field of structural dynamics and vibration control. He has extensive skills in implementing sophisticated finite element methods and applying advanced dynamics techniques to predict vibrations of structures. His consulting experience also includes: structural design and evaluation; vibration measurements and monitoring; identification of dynamical properties; predictions of ground- and structure-borne vibration from various sources (train, vehicle, forklift, power generators, etc.); evaluation of isolation systems; and tool pedestal design and testing. As part of the company’s on-going R&D, he is actively involved in developing and validating mathematical models and computer simulations used for vibration and dynamic response predictions.

Blong Xiong

Blong has been with Colin Gordon Associates since 2006. As a Senior Consultant at Colin Gordon Associates, his activities include project management, field measurements, and design support. He has been involved in the design and validation of multiple high tech manufacturing facilities, academic research laboratories, and healthcare facilities. Blong has extensive experience with instrumentation and field data collection for both vibration and acoustics related projects. His work also includes structural vibration analysis using Finite Element Analysis, environmental noise modeling, and long term vibration and noise monitoring. Prior to Colin Gordon Associates, his work experience was in development and testing of noise control applications for automobile interior cabins. 

Jonathan Lui, P.E.

Jonathan Lui joined CGA in the spring of 2011 after working two years as a structural engineer with KPFF Consulting Engineers. While there, he had the opportunity to work on several commercial projects varying from complex steel frame hospitals to simple tenant improvement jobs. His consulting activities at CGA have focused upon vibration control, finite element modeling, and vibration measurements for high-technology facilities including semiconductor fabs and research laboratories as well as commercial structures such as parking garages.

Matt Sneddon

Matt has forty years experience conducting a broad range of acoustics and vibration research, development, and consulting activities. Much of this work has been interdisciplinary in nature, involving acoustics, signal processing, materials science, and software development, with projects ranging from small consultations to large R&D initiatives. He is equally at home managing the activities of project teams, mentoring technical staff, and working “hands-on” in direct technical roles.

Formerly a Senior Scientist with BBN, he worked on or directed approximately 200 projects over a 23 year period, and more recently at ATS Consulting, addressing transportation noise and vibration problems. Recent activities include developing improved methods for modeling elastic wave propagation through soils, and characterizing the behavior of high transmission-loss acoustic metamaterials.

Lee Gorny, Ph. D.

Lee came to CGA in 2019 with seventeen years of experience in noise control engineering, acoustics and mechanical design. Here, he has focused on projects related to acoustical design and modeling, structural simulation using finite element analysis (FEA), and in measuring noise and vibration at industrial, commercial and high technology facilities. Prior to this, Lee worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) developing a long-wavelength acoustical flowmeter (LWAF) and as an R&D engineer for SunPower Corporation, specializing in product design, simulation, integration and optimization.

Alana DeLoach

Alana has 5 years of experience in vibration and noise control consulting and has
been with CGA since 2020. Her consulting activities include site vibration assessments, architectural acoustics, mechanical noise and vibration control, construction noise and vibration impact assessment and monitoring, structural dynamics testing, and environmental noise evaluations.
Her project work continues to address university research laboratories, vivaria, medical office buildings, hospitals, biotech, national laboratories, mission critical facilities, infrastructure, industrial, residential, and corporate/mixed-use buildings.

She has worked in all phases of facility design and renovation projects: EIS/EIR, Feasibility
Studies, Site Evaluation, Programming, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design
Development, and Construction Document drawings and specifications, as well as interface
with clients and other consultants.

Teddy Weeks

Teddy joined Colin Gordon Associates in January of 2022, with a background in interior and room acoustics. Prior to CGA he worked for an acoustical team on more than eighty projects ranging from large scale performance spaces to historic courthouses, as well as assisting acoustical design phases of WELL and LEED projects. Teddy continues to advance his study and understanding of CGA’s métier, vibration analysis. Where he has developed several skills in his short time with Colin Gordon Associates: vibration measurements, analysis, reporting, and project management.

Leona Ching

Leona has over 25 years of experience in various industries and has been with CGA since 2005. Her concentration is in several areas such as accounting and finance, project coordination, office management, and human resources.

Cherie Allgood


Decades of Experience

Colin Gordon Associates was formed in March 1990, and provides specialized consulting services in acoustics and vibration control. The firm has grown steadily from a one-person firm to a strong organization offering services world-wide. CGA has evolved to provide a variety of services ranging from sophisticated vibration and noise control to solutions of more mundane problems that may arise.

CGA is the world leader in the design of low-vibration and low-noise environments for technological buildings, but we work extensively in many other sectors as well. On many projects, the company serves as a member of the architect/engineer design team. On others, the company acts individually and directly with the owner. On yet others, CGA provides oversight support as a peer reviewer, owner’s representative, or via monitoring services. 

Colin G. Gordon

Colin Gordon (1934-2005) founded the firm that bears his name in 1990 and worked in the field of acoustics research and noise and vibration for over thirty-five years. Twenty years were spent with the firm of Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN), the firm largely responsible for developing the engineering science of acoustics between 1950 and 1970. Five years were spent with the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton. In his last twenty years, the microelectronics industry was a key area of focus, with the design of low-vibration facilities for the research and fabrication of integrated circuit "chips". Colin developed a strong and unique reputation in this specialized field. Colin was widely recognized within the microelectronics industry for his contributions to the understanding of the vibration and noise environments of technology buildings. He pioneered many of the now-common analytical approaches to floor design and the analysis of noise and vibration from ducting and piping. He was co-developer (with Eric Ungar) of the widely-used vibration criteria for vibration-sensitive facilities. He had mentored many of the current generation of vibration consultants in this field.