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Meeting The Vibration Challenges Of Next-Generation Photolithography Tools

In the past, the vibration design process has been driven by the requirements for an acceptable ambient vibration environment for tools. However, the newest generation of photolithography tools, the "scanners" or "step-and-scan" systems, impose an additional requirement for the dynamic resistance properties of the tool's support points. This paper discusses the current scanner support criteria […]...
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The Influence of Bases and Benches on the Performance of Vibration-Sensitive Equipment

In most state-of-the-art microelectronics facilities, process equipment (tools), including vibration-sensitive equipment, is set on a structure to bring the equipment to the level of the raised access floor. Depending on their design these bases can amplify, through resonance, the vibration amplitudes that travel from the structural floor to the equipment base. Similarly, benches that are […]...
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