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June 1, 2005

Can Vibration be Controlled with Concrete Damping?

Vibration has long been recognized as a contaminant in a fab. The vibrations can come from many sources both within and exterior to the facility. For quite some time, designers and consultants have discussed means by which future vibrations from “unplanned” sources might be mitigated via design or construction. This article presents one possible approach for using the building itself to mitigate vibrations. Several methods of altering the damping of concrete have been studied, but the most efficacious is the use of a particular group of polymer admixtures. These impart some significant improvements under certain circumstances, but concrete damping modification will not resolve all problems. The paper examines where this approach is useful, and where it is not justified or cost-effective.

Amick, H., “Can Vibration be Controlled with Concrete Damping?” Semiconductor Fabtech, No. 26, June 2005, Cleanroom Section.