Expertise Facility Types
March 1, 2004

Construction of Nanotechnology Facilities

The sophisticated working environments required for nanotechnology facilities pose big challenges to their designers and constructors. Environmental requirements of a nanotechnology facility may include temperature and humidity control, air cleanliness, biohazard containment, limits on electromagnetic fields, special electrical power conditioning, and vibration and noise control. Most of these design aspects have evolved from the special needs created when working at a small scale. Very few existing buildings can meet these demands—new construction is generally required.  This article explores nanotechnology from the perspective of a member of the advanced technology building design team—the structural dynamicist—and focuses on concrete, often the structural material of choice for these facilities. First, it shows how one application in nanotechnology led to research addressing some of concrete’s dynamic properties. Then it discusses some of the needs for further research in concrete technology.

Amick, H. and P. J. M. Monteiro, “Construction of Nanotechnology Facilities,” Concrete International, Vol. 26, Issue 3, pp. 68-72 (March 2004).