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May 1, 2006

Site Investigation Criteria for Nanotech Labs

The first important steps for planning nanotechnology facilities include site and facility assessment to see if the nanotechnology can be performed on the site.  “One site does not fit all” might be a good way to approach planning for nanotechnology.  The research carried out in these facilities is highly sensitive to excessive vibration, noise, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI), all which vary from site to site, as well as interior “contaminants,” including temperature, air quality, and life safety issues.  All of these design issues must be identified and quantified as early as possible to minimize cost impact on the project.  The consequences of waiting too long to carry out nanotechnology parameter investigations can be quite dramatic.  Many site factors may be accommodated during design, but only if identified early in the design process.  The authors review the issues important to site selection and discuss how they are assessed.

Amick, H., L. Vitale, and B. Haxton, “Site Investigation Criteria for Nanotech Labs,” R&D Magazine, pp. 36-37 (May 2006).