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May 27, 1998

Vibration Data Representation for Advanced Technology Facilities

Vibration control in vibration-sensitive advanced technology facilities generally involves interaction between a vibration consultant and several other engineering disciplines. It is important that the other disciplines have a rudimentary understanding of the consultant's measurement methodologies and design approaches. Practitioners have developed a specialized analytical approach which shares some commonality with traditional civil engineering dynamics, but which also borrows techniques that evolved in other disciplines such as mechanical engineering, signal detection, and acoustics. Practitioners also use several forms of spectral representations of the low-vibration environment, but the spectrum form most familiar to civil engineers the response spectrum is not used. This paper presents some of the relevant fundamentals of signal processing and the manner in which they are applied to civil and structural engineering aspects of these projects.

Amick, H., “Vibration Data Representation for Advanced Technology Facilities,” Proceedings of 12th ASCE Engineering Mechanics Conference, La Jolla, CA, American Society of Civil Engineers, pp. 306-309 (May, 1998).