Expertise Facility Types

CGA at Internoise 2015

CGA will be presenting two papers discussing some of our recent work at the upcoming Inter-Noise Congress in San Francisco, CA on August 9-12.  Inter-Noise is the largest international gathering of experts in noise control engineering each year.  The theme of conference, which is sponsored by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE), is “Implementing Noise Control Technology.”

The first paper, entitled “Construction Vibration Monitoring for Sensitive Facilities” and authored by Steven Lank and Blong Xiong, will be presented on the morning of Monday, August 10.  This paper discusses many of the unique challenges involved when monitoring vibration in sensitive facilities such as laboratories, hospitals, and advanced manufacturing facilities, and how the requirements and considerations buy pure diazepam differ from more traditional monitoring projects.

The second paper, entitled “Infrasonic HVAC Noise Control For Sensitive Imaging Laboratories” and authored by Steven Lank and Michael Gendreau , will be presented in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 11.  This paper discusses the lab design approaches necessary to meet demanding low-frequency and infrasonic background noise requirements of high-resolution imaging equipment such as electron microscopes. Challenges and solutions are presented via case studies of past projects where infrasonic noise was a concern.

Both papers will be included as part of the conference proceedings, and will be available for download from the Technical Archives section of our website following the conference.