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Progress on the Niels Bohr Science Park

The large concrete baseplate for the research basement at the Niels Bohr Science Park, which will bring together the science faculties at the University of Copenhagen, was recently completed.  The casting of the baseplate took 36 continuous hours, and required 3,800 m3 of concrete.  This required a concrete truck to arrive at the site every 4-5 minutes throughout the process.

CGA worked with Ramboll Denmark to design the 53,000 m2 facility, which will contain various instruments and processes sensitive to noise and vibration.  The most sensitive labs will be located underground on this buy diazepam rectal tubes baseplate, where concerns regarding impact from vehicular traffic and Copenhagen Metro train vibration, among other things, had to be addressed in the design.

A ground breaking ceremony for the project was held on January 30th, 2015.  Speakers at the ceremony included the Minister for Climate, Environment, and Buildings, the Mayor of Copenhagen, the Rector of Copenhagen University, the Dean of Natural Sciences, and the CEO of Bygningsstyrelsen, all of whom spent a large portion of their speeches discussing the large concrete slab and low vibration research labs.