Expertise Facility Types

Research tagged "noise design"

Noise Control

D. Pekrul, “Noise Control,” Chapter 2.6 in Handbook of Facilities Planning: Volume 2—Laboratory Animal Facilities, Theodorus Ruys, editor, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1990....
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Noise Prediction and Control in Microelectronics Clean Rooms

Modern clean rooms of the sort used by the microelectronics industry in the fabrication of integrated circuits are typically quite noisy with levels lying in the range PNC 55 to 75. The noise can degrade the performance of production and test equipment. It also interferes with speech and telephone use and adds generally to the […]...
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Vibration and Noise Control in State-of-the-Art Clean Rooms

Vibration and noise may be ranked along-side other sources of microcontamination insofar as their effect on the IC fabrication process is concerned. In this paper we will discuss the design goals that are currently used. We will review the techniques that are available to quantify and control vibration and noise. Gordon, C. G. and H. […]...
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