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June 23, 2008

Ground Motion Studies at NSLS II

In this study, an array of vibration measurements at the undisturbed NSLS II site has been performed in order to establish the “green-field” vibration environment and its spectral characteristics. The interaction of the green-field vibration environment with the NSLS II accelerator structure and the quantification of the storage ring vibration, both in terms of amplitude and spectral content have been assessed through a state-of-the-art wave propagation and scattering analysis. This paper focuses on the wave propagation and scattering aspect as well as on the filtering effects of accelerator structural parameters.

N. Simos, M. Fallier, and H. Amick, “Ground Motion Studies at NSLS II,” Proceedings EPAC2008, European Particle Accelerator Conference, EPAC'08, Genoa, Italy, 23 to 27 June 2008, Paper No. MOPC50.