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July 3, 2008

Vibration Kills’ and Other Lessons from the Trenches

In many areas of acoustics and vibration control, criteria are based upon parameters such as comfort, privacy, intelligibility, productivity, or machine precision.  One can approach these criteria with a somewhat dispassionate attitude.  However, when working with the biological research communities, one is periodically reminded by the researchers and medical practitioners that much of their work ultimately deals with life-and-death issues, either for patients for whom a drug or medical device is intended, or for organisms used in test protocols.  The authors will share a collection of case studies in which these issues are illustrated.

H. Amick and M. Gendreau, “‘Vibration Kills’ and Other Lessons from the Trenches,” Invited Presentation for Acoustics 08 Paris, Paris, France, 3 July 2008