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Vibration Kills’ and Other Lessons from the Trenches

In many areas of acoustics and vibration control, criteria are based upon parameters such as comfort, privacy, intelligibility, productivity, or machine precision.  One can approach these criteria with a somewhat dispassionate attitude.  However, when working with the biological research communities, one is periodically reminded by the researchers and medical practitioners that much of their work […]...
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Maturation’ of the Vibration Environment in Advanced Technology Facilities

Abstract Semiconductor production and other advanced technology facilities are often designed in two stages, delineated as “base build” and “hook up”. The first stage, at completion termed “as-built” by ISO, includes the design and construction of the shell structure and all architectural, mechanical, electrical, and process systems needed to operate the building. The second stage, […]...
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On Generic Vibration Criteria for Advanced Technology Facilities: with a Tutorial on Vibration Data Representation

Abstract The design of vibration-sensitive advanced technology facilities generally involves considerable attention to structural and mechanical aspects. In most cases, the vibration control measures contribute significantly to a facility’s cost. The selection of a vibration criterion for use in design is an important step in the design process. Many process equipment manufacturers have provided tool-specific […]...
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An investigation of dynamic soil-structure interaction as it relates to the design of foundation systems for microelectronics fabrication facilities

In recent years, vibration has become increasingly important as a factor to consider in the design of microelectronics fabrication facilities. As the demand for higher precision tools increases, the importance of vibration control also increases. In fact, at the present time, many aspects of structure/foundation design are controlled by vibration considerations rather than the traditional […]...
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