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July 1, 1994

Monitoring Of Vibration in Vibration-Sensitive Facilities

Vibration monitoring is a valuable tool in the operation of facilities which house vibration-sensitive equipment. Monitoring can detect trends in the vibration environment that may signal the need for remedial action before vibration-related problems are encountered. Monitoring is invaluable in situation where construction work is carried out within, or close to, the facility. The monitor can alert the construction team to particular events that exceed a set vibration threshold. In this paper we describe our experience with the long-term use of a multi-channel monitoring system. This experience has provided insights to the problems that can be encountered and the ways in which these can be remedied.

Quincy G. Holloter and Colin G. Gordon, “Monitoring Of Vibration in Vibration-Sensitive Facilities,” Proceedings of International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), Vol. 2264 (July 1994).