Expertise Facility Types
December 4, 1989

Vibration Considerations in Zoning

The primary purposes of municipal land use zoning ordinances are to protect and promote a desired quality of life and to ensure that incompatible land uses do not occur. Zoning considers aspects of community planning such as aesthetics, housing needs, protection and development of natural resources, population density, compatibility of adjacent land uses, and environmental quality.  A good planning tool is needed not only to protect people and structures from vibration, it is also needed in the siting and planning of research and industrial parks containing sensitive high-tech facilities, such as those used in manufacturing microelectronic integrated circuits. These facilities are generally far more sensitive to vibrations than are people.  Yet, despite their sensitivity, they are offered no encroachment protection by vibration or zoning ordinances. This paper suggests that modern planning must also consider vibration in land use zoning and offers criteria and guidelines.

R. E. Nugent and C. Hal Amick, “Vibration Considerations in Zoning,” Proceedings of Inter-Noise 89, Newport Beach, California (December 1989).