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July 1, 1995

NIST – Advanced Technology Laboratories: Metrology Laboratories & Vibration Control

The focus of this paper will be on laboratory design and issues related to vibration mitigation based upon the recent experience of Henningson, Durham & Richardson, Inc. (HDR) and its consultant, Acentech Incorporated, in designing new Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATLs) for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). Issues related to site selection, laboratory plan concepts and details designed to mitigate environmental vibration will be discussed.  Additional discussions will center on the prototypical research projects undertaken, with particular emphasis on the large, pneumatically supported inertia slab used to very and refine design concepts to be employed in the metrology laboratories for the ATL. The scope of the research surrounding the prototype inertia slab will be discussed, including the finite element modeling and the vibration measurement program which will cover measured resonance frequencies and mode shapes. The resulting design recommendations and parameters developed for large, pneumatically supported inertia bases will be outlined, including control systems.

Pardue, N.C., and Amick, H., "NIST – Advanced Technology Laboratories:  Metrology Laboratories & Vibration Control," Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symp.:.Impact of Metrology on Global Trade, Dallas, Texas (July, 1995)