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Our consultants regularly engage in research activities related to our normal client services. This archive includes the majority of the published technical papers, presentations, and other publications related to this research.

Construction vibration monitoring for sensitive facilities

Building expansion and densely developed campuses often require construction adjacent to highly vibration sensitive facilities such as advanced technology manufacturing, laboratories, and hospitals. The vibration generated by the construction work poses a considerable risk to the sensitive processes in these facilities, which typically need to continue operations during construction. In these scenarios it is often […]...
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Construction Vibrations and Their Impact on Vibration-Sensitive Facilities

Abstract An approach is presented for performing site-specific assessment of the impact of construction vibrations on vibration-sensitive facilities. This requires expansion of existing methodologies such that frequency content is included. A case study is included. Introduction Many processes involved in advanced technology applications are highly sensitive to vibrations. Among these processes are precision metrology, high-energy […]...
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