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Our consultants regularly engage in research activities related to our normal client services. This archive includes the majority of the published technical papers, presentations, and other publications related to this research.

Control of infrasonic noise from mechanical ventilation systems in sensitive imaging laboratories

High resolution imaging equipment, such as transmission and scanning electron microscopes, can be very sensitive to the environment in which they are installed.  Environmental factors including temperature, electromagnetic interference, vibration, and noise must be considered in the design of laboratories intended to house such instruments.  With regard to noise, this equipment is often most sensitive […]...
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Acoustics: The impact of low-frequency sound (infrasound) on imaging equipment in nanoscale research

The presentation reviews issues associated with low frequency sound—sources, human perception, typical levels, and effects on imaging systems.  A set of infrasound criteria are presented which correlate imaging resolution with low frequency sound levels.  Design features intended to mitigate infrasound generation and impact are discussed. M. Gendreau, "Acoustics: The impact of low-frequency sound (infrasound) on […]...
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The Effect of Varying Acoustic Pressure on Vibration Isolation Platforms Supported on Air Springs

Air spring isolation systems are commonly used to support sources of vibration, or equipment sensitive to vibration, in order to reduce vibration transmission from source to receiver. In the latter case, commercial isolation tables or custom-designed “plinths” may use isolation systems to provide reduced vibration environments at the base of sensitive equipment supported on them. […]...
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Generic Noise Criterion Curves for Sensitive Equipment

ABSTRACT Electron beam-based instruments, and other high-resolution instruments, are sensitive to the environment in which they operate. Adverse environments may limit achievable resolution. Equipment manufacturers provide specifications defining acceptable amplitudes of various environmental contaminants, such as vibration, electro-magnetic energies, and acoustic noise. However, the quality of these specifications varies significantly, from well-defined to conjectural. Additionally, […]...
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