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Building Acoustics

Quality Environments Require Good Acoustics   

Improving Sound Quality, Reducing Noise, Ensuring Privacy

Building acoustics embraces the design of indoor environments to achieve acceptable levels of privacy, communication, and comfort for the building occupants. Acoustical performance involves room shaping, reverberation control and the location and separation of spaces. Noise control concerns may encompass the design of the building envelope, the placement and isolation of mechanical spaces and the design and control of ventilation, exhaust and air conditioning systems. Vibration issues include the control of walker-induced vibration and vibration isolation of major mechanical systems. 

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Criteria Development
Room Shaping
Finish Recommendations for Reverberation Control
Vibration Isolation of Building Equipment
HVAC Noise Control
Partitions, Doors, and Windows for Sound Isolation
Architectural Details for Acoustics
Background Noise Measurements and Troubleshooting
Sound Isolation and Reverberation Measurements