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Case Study – Vibration Source Investigation in Large Semiconductor Fab Facility

    ABSTRACT Semiconductor fabrication facilities contain many vibration sensitive instruments which are often in close proximity to large vibration sources. A good structural system and proper vibration isolation of mechanical equipment is required to minimize the impact from sources such as pumps, fans, piping, and ducts within the building. This paper presents a case […]...
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Maturation’ of the Vibration Environment in Advanced Technology Facilities

Abstract Semiconductor production and other advanced technology facilities are often designed in two stages, delineated as “base build” and “hook up”. The first stage, at completion termed “as-built” by ISO, includes the design and construction of the shell structure and all architectural, mechanical, electrical, and process systems needed to operate the building. The second stage, […]...
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Vibration Design of 300 mm Wafer Fabs

The semiconductor industry is experiencing the transition from 200mm to 300mm fabs. With a number of 300mm fabs now on-line, and many more in the construction and start-up stages, a discussion of 300mm fab design is pertinent. Vibration is an important concern in fab design and construction because many items of precision equipment (or “tools”) […]...
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Meeting The Vibration Challenges Of Next-Generation Photolithography Tools

In the past, the vibration design process has been driven by the requirements for an acceptable ambient vibration environment for tools. However, the newest generation of photolithography tools, the "scanners" or "step-and-scan" systems, impose an additional requirement for the dynamic resistance properties of the tool's support points. This paper discusses the current scanner support criteria […]...
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