Expertise Facility Types
March 12, 2003

Vibration Design of 300 mm Wafer Fabs

The semiconductor industry is experiencing the transition from 200mm to 300mm fabs. With a number of 300mm fabs now on-line, and many more in the construction and start-up stages, a discussion of 300mm fab design is pertinent. Vibration is an important concern in fab design and construction because many items of precision equipment (or “tools”) in a fab have environmental requirements that must be met in order to perform satisfactorily; in many cases these requirements include limits placed on vibrations.  The transition from 200mm to 300mm fabs poses a significant challenge for fab vibration design because of the increase in wafer diameter, more advanced tools, more sophisticated process technology, and increased automation. More than ever, a multi-discipline approach to vibration control is called for in fab development.  This paper presents an integrated vibration design process for a 300mm fab.

T. Xu, H. Amick, and M. Gendreau, “Vibration Design of 300 mm Wafer Fabs,” Proceedings of SEMI Technology Symposium (STS), SEMICON China 2003, Shanghai, China, (12 to 14 March 2003), pp. 32-39