Expertise Facility Types
Commercial Buildings

Every Mixed-Use Space has Conflicting Acoustic Requirements.

Quality acoustic environments ensure that everyone can work together effectively and peacefully.

We have worked on a wide variety of commercial projects, each with their own unique acoustic and vibration challenges. Providing adequate speech privacy and limiting distractions in offices has become more of a challenge with modern open office layouts. Workplace noise and poor acoustics can increase worker stress and reduce productivity. Fitness centers, parking garages, and other loud spaces are often located in proximity to sensitive spaces for convenience, thereby increasing the importance of controlling vibration and noise impacts. The designs of conference centers, hotels, and entertainment complexes require attention not only to noise control and sound isolation, but also acoustical quality within the atriums, exhibition halls, and conference rooms. Finally, any business can have a noise or vibration impact on their neighbors, whether they be residences or other businesses. We can provide solutions to mitigate potential conflicts.

Our Services

Site Evaluation
Environmental Noise Studies
Space Planning and Layout
Foundation & Structural Design for Vibration Control
Sound Isolation and Reverberation Control
Mechanical Vibration and Noise Control
Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
Vibration & Noise Measurements and Monitoring
Construction Observations

Additional Projects

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