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From backyard pool pumps to full campus noise mapping. For code compliance or for being neighborly.

Environmental noise studies are concerned with the impact caused by one or more sources of exterior noise on a specific receiver or location. Our services encompass all aspects of the specification, characterization, and determination of noise in the environment. We provide solutions to a range of problems, from small and simple to large and complex. 

We assist with environmental noise planning for sites exposed to the effects of one or many sources. Studies normally begin with an understanding and definition of the appropriate noise criteria and regulations. For noise calculations, we use software-based models that account for details of the noise source, receivers, and the characteristics of the environment that influence the propagation of noise. These models can be used to develop and analyze potential noise control designs where these may be required. 

Our experience with detailed environmental noise measurement is comprehensive. We use equipment that quantifies noise levels in accordance with all local, national, and international standards and regulations. We can conduct simple measurement surveys or automatically monitor noise levels for extended periods of time. We have the equipment and experience to perform sound intensity studies for accurate source sound power determination, as per standards, in a variety of challenging environments.

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