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Field Measurements

Boots (and sensors) on the ground

Detailed and accurate measurements are essential to every project.

We use an array of sophisticated measurement instruments to collect sound and vibration data relevant to your project, which we will use to inform our recommendations. This can include measurements in operating facilities and buildings, on "greenfield" site, within unoccupied buildings, or in neighborhoods surrounding a site. Our vibration and noise monitoring systems, customized to the needs of vibration-critical facilities, can track and archive conditions over periods of weeks, months and years and provide warnings when preset limits are exceeded. 

Our measurement capabilities include instrumentation for unique applications, including instrumented hammers and an electromagnetic shaker system for evaluating the dynamic characteristics of building structures and the vibration sensitivities of metrology, fabrication and medical instruments. Our acoustical instrumentation includes sound intensity probes that allow us to quantify the sound power radiated by fans, pumps and other machines.

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