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Industrial Facilities

Large scale production without waking the neighbors

We protect workers and adjacent areas from noise and vibration issues, without compromising performance.

Industrial noise and vibration arises from a wide range of activities, processes, machines and tools. While an industrial setting is generally expected to be noisy, excessive noise can cause long-term deafness and worker fatigue. High noise levels may also mask emergency warning signals and interfere with communications. Industrial noise issues are not necessarily confined to the immediate vicinity. Industrial activities can contribute to environmental noise in areas surrounding the plant, or they may impact nearby vibration-sensitive operations on the plant property or nearby.

We are familiar with OSHA and other standards used to set limits on industrial noise. We undertake detailed measurements to assess your noise and vibration exposure and advise you on methods of noise and vibration control that will work in your specific situation. 

Our Services

Site Evaluation
Criteria Development
Code Compliance Assessment
Vibration Control Strategies & Details
Design & Selection of Sound Attenuation Treatments
Environmental Noise Studies
Expert Witness Testimony 
Public Information Meetings
Measurements & Monitoring

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