Expertise Facility Types

Low noise environments enable scientific advancement.

From nanotechnology to biology, from physics to product testing, we know you need a quiet and controlled environment for effective research.

We have worked on hundreds of laboratory projects for universities, private industry, and government facilities. Nearly all lab facilities contain spaces that are sensitive to noise and vibration. Microscopes, balances, optical tables, and the custom instrumentation designed for precision research cannot operate properly in a location with excessive vibration or noise.

From general purpose laboratories to specialty spaces for advanced imaging (e.g., SEM, TEM, STEM, STM, etc.), noise and vibration specifications can vary from modest sensitivity to extremely stringent requirements that challenge the building structure, partition designs, and lab placement. Achieving suitable vibration performance requires careful attention to all aspects of the project: site evaluation, structural and geotechnical designs, mechanical designs, and construction. The noise requirements can be more stringent than those of the best recording studios. Attention to detail throughout is a key factor. 

Our Services

Site Evaluation
Criteria Development
Space Planning & Layout
Foundation & Structural Designs for Vibration Control
Sound Isolation & Reverberation Control
Mechanical & Process Vibration & Noise Control
Problem Diagnosis
Measurements & Monitoring
Construction Observations

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