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Long-span truss structures for low-vibration environments

Historically, waffle slabs have been widely used in the process floor design in semiconductor production facilities.  In a less stringent vibration environment, concrete joist slab with stiffeners could be a suitable design option. In both of the two approaches, the effectiveness of vibration control in floor structures would be substantially reduced when the column span […]...
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Mode Selection for Footfall Analysis of Floors

Floor vibration due to footfall is of great importance in the design of buildings for vibration-sensitive research and production. The bulk of the predictive modeling methods for footfall involve the use of the “fundamental” resonance frequency which would be excited by the walker. In a complex structure, the analyst may be presented with a choice […]...
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Mechanical and Footfall Vibration Impact to Healthcare Facilities: Criteria and Design Strategies based on Research and Case Studies

The authors present a review of current healthcare facility vibration criteria: Process of selecting criteria Process of selecting design parameters Case Study: Surgical microscope and its criteria Summary of criteria we use   M. Gendreau and H. Amick, “Mechanical and Footfall Vibration Impact to Healthcare Facilities: Criteria and Design Strategies based on Research and Case […]...
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Dynamic Characteristics of Structures Extracted from In-situ Testing

The paper discusses two primary areas of interest in a structural evaluation. First, in-situ measurements are used to confirm the predicted structural stiffnesses and resonance frequencies. Second, the evaluation characterizes the manner in which vibrations are propagated through the structure. Methodologies are presented for carrying out these measurements, and typical data are given. H. Amick, […]...
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Dynamics of Stiff Floors for Advanced Technology Facilities

Vibration control in vibration-sensitive advanced technology facilities generally involves design of a stiff floor for the vibration-sensitive area. The authors have found that the range of floor stiffness required for semiconductor facilities and laboratories falls on a continuum between "soft" and "stiff" floors. A significant variation in properties can be observed along this continuum. This […]...
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Design of Stiff, Low-Vibration Floor Structures

Dynamic loading of a floor can excite vibrations that may adversely affect production or research activities using equipment supported on that floor. These loads may be caused by mechanical systems or personnel activities. One way to minimize vibrations is with a slab-on-grade floor, but often this is not possible due to constraints such as lot […]...
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