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November 1, 1991

Design of Stiff, Low-Vibration Floor Structures

Dynamic loading of a floor can excite vibrations that may adversely affect production or research activities using equipment supported on that floor. These loads may be caused by mechanical systems or personnel activities. One way to minimize vibrations is with a slab-on-grade floor, but often this is not possible due to constraints such as lot size or the requirement of a basement for mechanical equipment or piping. This paper reviews the analysis and design of several types of floors for low-vibration environments. It addresses slab-on-grade floors as well as suspended floors made up of flat and waffle slabs, conventional steel-and-concrete composites, and long-span floors of concrete or steel primary members. The relative costs of several types of framing are examined.

Amick, H., S. Hardash, P. Gillett, R. Reaveley, "Design of Stiff, Low-Vibration Floor Structures," Vibration Control in Microelectronics, Optics and Metrology, SPIE Proceedings Volume 1619 (Nov. 1991).