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Case Study – Vibration Source Investigation in Large Semiconductor Fab Facility

    ABSTRACT Semiconductor fabrication facilities contain many vibration sensitive instruments which are often in close proximity to large vibration sources. A good structural system and proper vibration isolation of mechanical equipment is required to minimize the impact from sources such as pumps, fans, piping, and ducts within the building. This paper presents a case […]...
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Control of infrasonic noise from mechanical ventilation systems in sensitive imaging laboratories

High resolution imaging equipment, such as transmission and scanning electron microscopes, can be very sensitive to the environment in which they are installed.  Environmental factors including temperature, electromagnetic interference, vibration, and noise must be considered in the design of laboratories intended to house such instruments.  With regard to noise, this equipment is often most sensitive […]...
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Dynamics of Stiff Floors for Advanced Technology Facilities

Vibration control in vibration-sensitive advanced technology facilities generally involves design of a stiff floor for the vibration-sensitive area. The authors have found that the range of floor stiffness required for semiconductor facilities and laboratories falls on a continuum between "soft" and "stiff" floors. A significant variation in properties can be observed along this continuum. This […]...
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