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Simplified parametric modeling to predict vibration attenuation provided by on-grade slabs

ABSTRACT When measured vibration amplitudes at the proposed site for a highly sensitive facility exceed the maximum allowable for the sensitive equipment, mitigation measures must be integrated into the design that will reduce the vibration amplitudes to meet the requirements. Past studies have shown that thick concrete slabs supported on a well-engineered subgrade can effectively […]...
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Dynamic Characteristics of Structures Extracted from In-situ Testing

The paper discusses two primary areas of interest in a structural evaluation. First, in-situ measurements are used to confirm the predicted structural stiffnesses and resonance frequencies. Second, the evaluation characterizes the manner in which vibrations are propagated through the structure. Methodologies are presented for carrying out these measurements, and typical data are given. H. Amick, […]...
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Dynamics of Stiff Floors for Advanced Technology Facilities

Vibration control in vibration-sensitive advanced technology facilities generally involves design of a stiff floor for the vibration-sensitive area. The authors have found that the range of floor stiffness required for semiconductor facilities and laboratories falls on a continuum between "soft" and "stiff" floors. A significant variation in properties can be observed along this continuum. This […]...
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On Generic Vibration Criteria for Advanced Technology Facilities: with a Tutorial on Vibration Data Representation

Abstract The design of vibration-sensitive advanced technology facilities generally involves considerable attention to structural and mechanical aspects. In most cases, the vibration control measures contribute significantly to a facility’s cost. The selection of a vibration criterion for use in design is an important step in the design process. Many process equipment manufacturers have provided tool-specific […]...
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Long-Span Floors

CGA has a long history with long-span floors, primarily for fabs and flat-panel facilities, and mostly in Asia. These have unique dynamic features, and behave differently under localized excitation from loading such as footfall.  As interest grows in non-semiconductor applications of these structures, where footfall takes on a greater importance (since heavy manufacturing equipment may […]
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