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Structural Dynamics

Sometimes they aren't good vibrations. 

From sophisticated machinery to bouncy staircases, structural vibrations must be carefully analyzed and controlled.

All structures vibrate, but those vibrations become a concern when their amplitude becomes excessive. Structural Dynamics addresses those issues pertaining to the structure itself that may lead to unwanted vibration. The key parameters include stiffness, resonance frequencies and damping - all of which may be under the control of the designer. 

The "tools" for structural dynamic analysis include vibration measurement and experimental modal analysis (when a structure actually exists), or finite element modeling (when a structure might not yet exist). The structure of interest may be as large as a building, a floor in a semiconductor plant, a crane, or a piping system,... or as small as the sample stage in a custom microscope or other sensitive piece of equipment.

We offer many years of experience in structural dynamics analysis and mitigation design for a wide range of project types. We also specialize in vibration analysis of unique, complex structural designs and atypical loadcases such as fitness activities, equipment, wind, etc. 

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Vibration Measurements
In Situ Assessments: Stiffness, Resonance Frequencies, Damping
Finite Element Modeling of Complex Structural Systems
Analysis of Anticipated Load Cases
Vibration Performance Prediction
Experimental Modal Analysis