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October 1, 1989

Specifying and Interpreting a Site Vibration Evaluation

Many pieces of semiconductor production and test equipment are highly sensitive to vibration. Equipment manufacturers often provide environmental vibration limits and recommend, even require, a site vibration evaluation prior to installation of a system. Suppose a company is planning to install one of these systems. What does the manufacturer's vibration specification really mean? What should a vibration consultant do for the company in the site evaluation? How does the company make the maximum use of the consultant's report?   Acoustics, the parent discipline of vibration engineering, has its own language, as does any applied science. Unfortunately, many vibration specialists fail to realize that their jargon precise and well-defined within the acoustics community creates confusion for those who must specify their services or read their reports. This article will discuss how a vibration survey may be specified and interpreted. Since we are discussing specifications, jargon will occasionally be necessary, with explanations of the jargon included when needed. 

Amick, H. and C. G. Gordon, "Specifying and Interpreting a Site Vibration Evaluation," Microcontamination (Oct. 1989).